What I can support you with

Working with me will allow you to understand in depth what your goals, hopes and aspirations are. With this information we will  work together to unlock your true potential in order for us to set out the steps that will turn your goals into action. I will be giving you a 100% support from the onset of our initial consultation until you achieve all that you desire to achieve. I provide an unconventional  intuitive coaching experience that enhances the quality of coaching you  will receive  and ensures you the best results.

Coaching Packages

Re write the script. site.png

Re write the Script

Are you tired of telling the same story and playing the same character?

'Re write the script in 60 days  is a fast paced coaching plan that helps you to finally begin making those changes to live the life you want to  be living. It is high energy filled sessions that requires you to have total faith in you and that you will succeed.

You will Work with me Lifestylist, Executive resolution coach and NLP practitioner exclusively for 60 days (8 weeks) on achieving what seems like the unimaginable (at least until you begin Working on you).


No shrinking female leadership

As female leaders women feel the increased pressure to position themselves as powerful no nonsense, strong leaders and often they are made to feel by adopting a  more masculine persona, it will grant them the credibility and respect of their colleagues. 

This leaves little room for authentic female leaders, as sacrificing femininity sets a precedence towards a male dominate  culture in leadership.

No shrink female leadership empowers women to embrace  their identity whilst using their natural talents and skills to provide a powerful and fulfilling leadership experience. 



This plan is  a complete overhaul of your current life and  your way of living.  The lifestyle gives you the opportunity to take massive action in reinventing yourself in a safe and empowering way.

So if you are absolutely sure that the life you are living has exhausted every aspects of your hopes and desires or you feel stuck with no aspiration to continue on your current path because you know you have a  life to discover that will be more aligned with the fulfilment you seek. The lifestyle plan will provide you with 6 months of powerful transforming coaching.