You got the promotion ...

Now what?

When you have worked so hard to succeed and you have put in the extra time and care to build yourself up in your company its only natural that you progress.

It's the opportunity to step up and the acknowledgement of your dedication being recognised, that't what makes the many sacrifices you mostly likely made worth it. That is the true joy of your achievement.

But that joy can be short lived without the proper support to thrive in your new role.      In fact it has  been reported that less than 50% of managers make the transition to Executive level successfully and even less are female. 

Why is that you may ask?

Because the biggest cause of failure is the underestimation of the support that is needed to be able to do the role justice.

Simply put, the organisation stops investing in the development needed for the manager to transition effectively as an Executive leader.

What makes the difference to sustainability?


Often  your company will not have the time resources to provide you with dedicated individual support, they may even see it has a costly hand holding exercise.  But the proven results of coaching has been shown to have far wider cost benefits that outweigh any doubt of its worth.

   How can I support your survival as a leader?

 CEO WOMEN coaching.

I supports female leaders to elevate themselves, whilst finding their authenticity in their leadership style. Most importantly without shrinking in their role. 

After working so hard to get the promotion or to be hired as a leader its only right that you thrive in the role.

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