What is a CEO Mom

Create Empower Overcome (CEO Mom) 

It is you!!!

The Mom that knows or has an unshakeable feeling  that she is destined for greatness.  The Mom that nurtures, advises, inspires and coaches her  children to achieve whatever there little hearts desire.

The Mom who dreams big, but keeps it silent because she is  not sure her dreams are ready to be shared. She knows deep inside that she can no longer be content with the thought of not having her dreams, her goal or her heart's desire.

It's the mom that fills your heart with joy with just a smile or a kind word.

It's you!!

You are the CEO Mom!!  The leader behind the future leader, your child. You are the women that Creates her own reality, Empowers herself, her child and Overcomes all  obstacles that comes in your way. 

You know your child's greatness is part of your success story, but your passion to live your dreams, exceed your goals and live unapologetically,  is what makes you the CEO Mom.

So call me the dream catcher as I'm now enlisted in your dreams, signed up for your goals and ready when you are to make it your reality.

But first you must set the intention to commit to living a life without limits on what you can achieve.

That means  its time to bury the old ways of thinking that you are not enough, or "who am I to want that" or "its not possible for a person like me" All the self doubt and past judgments that is currently overshadowing  your phenomenal power to create a reality that exceeds your imagination, must be laid to rest from now....

Ready to be a CEO Mom, Lets go!