Working with me  

As a Motherhood journey consultant  I can help you set and achieve your goals through coaching and consultation. I work consistently across the globe serving both individual clients and corporations by meeting and often exceeding your expectations.


Client booking 

To work with me I ask  that you  first book a  free consultation call, from which I will be able to ascertain your needs and build a plan of action with you in order for you to achieve your goals.

This call will be informal and I work intuitively to gain the best results for you. 

Corporate booking 

Working with mothers in corporate or helping mothers to gain employment in organisations is an exclusive service that I offer.

Increasingly mothers struggle to maintain their employment in corporate settings for a number of reasons and employers are not always equipped to support them as they would wish too.

I provide extensive coaching and working sessions to help build the confidence of a mother and help them to excel to their highest potential.

On the other side of the coin I work to help mothers be visible in the market through my 4 nets of safety process aimed at empowering mothers to standout and be assured of their ability to obtain the goals they wish to set for their lives.

To book a consultation call please send me a email to arrange a suitable date and time.