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Working with me  

As a Motherhood journey consultant I support mothers to positively navigate their way through their motherhood journey by helping them to find harmony between their parental responsibilities and their personal goals/desire.

Through my consultancy I teach mothers about self-mastery by helping them to clearly understand their needs as a women experiencing motherhood, which allows them the confidence to honour their needs in creating a healthy sustainable relationship between themselves and their children.


Client booking 

To work with me privately book a call which will give you access to a free alignment consultation.

Following the alignment of our consultation call you will be given the opportunity to work with me personally for a further 3 consultation sessions. This will be a swift self- discovery process in which I will be able to ascertain your needs and collaborate with you in building your own personalised motherhood journey blue print for you to access as part of your self development tools as well as for you to maintain your success in your motherhood experience beyond our time together.