A compassionate leader of change by day and overworked single mom by night.
I think that really describes me in a nutshell without all the glamour and sparkle.

But hey! l actually love the glamour and sparkle so this is me, with the glamour.

I am a motherhood journey consultant with a fabulous sense of style and my big love that keeps me fuelled like a rocket is supporting and empowering mothers to have a phenomenal motherhood experience.

I come from a background where "no and you can't do that" was pretty much my anthem and for much of my early years in life, I actually danced to that tune and began to accept it.

But then I became a mother and the weight of my childhood experiences became to heavy for me to want to pass onto my son, so I knew I needed to change that.

I  decided to commit to a path of self-development and self-discovery, I made a promise to my son that I would grow up alongside him and I wouldn't let what I discovered about myself stop us from having a better life.

Being a woman of my word I did just that, every step forward led me closer to knowing my worth and every step back taught me to grow stronger in my pursuit of living my purpose.

Along the way of being told "wait until my child grew up" or being given fewer opportunities because I was a mother, it pushed me to succeed and allowed me to arrive upon this path of supporting mothers to step into their greatness.

I do this because I know what a mothers worth is and her true value is yet to be acknowledged and celebrated fully as it should be in society.

Supporting mothers to be confident to live the life they choose is my greatest honour and a gift that I absolutely cherish.

Seeing a mother lead the next generation's leaders, her children with, the vision, her love, her motivation and self-assurance of her power is truly mesmerising and I get to be a part of that every day.

To say I'm passionate about what I do, is to say the least, but to know that I'm fully committed to helping mothers on their motherhood journey is everything.

Leonie Caines
Motherhood Journey Consultant