A little window into my life….

I’m a 80’s child so in short I’m known as a millennial, although I prefer to be known as the spiritually phenomenal women, it just suits me better to be outside the box we are usually placed in.

I’am a mother to two children  my handsome son Santino (can you guess what my favourite film is?? ) and my beautiful little girl  Ava-Isobella.

Having my two children completely changed my life, I know its cliche but each one  of there arrivals awakened me further to look around and appear through the veil of motherhood.

When Santino came into my life almost 10 years ago I was in a loving relationship with his father, planning an amazing life together, but as you know life doesn't always go to plan.

Somewhere along the course of this plan I forgot to be me, I forgot to keep checking in with me and I stopped honoring my worth, hell at some point I didn’t even believe in my worth, as all I wanted  to have was  that picture perfect vision of that family  I had in my mind.

And that was a dangerous plan that could  only lead to disaster…

So you can guess what happened when we both went our separate ways, in true form to every stereotype of a single mother I hit rock bottom.

I felt shame, bitterness, self-conscious, broken, angry towards him and angry towards myself for putting my son and me in this position.

But In all truth what spoke louder to me was my ego and that ego was imagining all the critical judgement that  other people would say to me, which by the way, did not outweigh the critical judgement I had for myself.

For over two years I stood still in my life questioning and over analysing every move I made, comparing myself to other mothers, whilst hearing in the back of my mind the social statistics on single mothers being able to raise successful children.

Fearing the worst, I began to believe that I was not a good mother and imagined the social hardships that my son would suffer because of our circumstances.

I had begun to trap myself by these excuses and my circumstances became the box in which I began to operate out of. At the time it seemed  far more easier to live with that lie and  to believe in anything  other than myself, than admit  only I had the power over my life to create whatever I wanted to experience.

When life seems hard it seems wiser to retreat, to seek your truth and validation from familiar sources or in the opinions of others, rather than believing yourself and paving your own way so you may dance to your own tune.

My lessons from life, from motherhood is why  i'm now piercing through the veil of motherhood and throwing out the perceptions that keep us small or stops us from living our best life now.

Motherhood needs a new narrative, its time to change that narrative from sacrificers to leaders. We have spent to long buying into the perception of what a mother should look like, act like, whether we are getting it wrong or right, judging each other and being judged by those who are not mothers. All the time we are immersed in that feeling or  that place we are forgetting our power as a mother, we devalue ourselves and lose our confidence.

When really we are leaders, we lead the next generations potential future leaders, our children.  We can not do that successfully until we are empowered and confident of our worth in this world.

I run Leonie Caines coaching  because I know mothers deserve to have a life that brings harmony between their parental responsibilities and their personal goals.

  I am the founder of The CEOMOM message and my challenges are the reason why I can support you with creating the life you want.

The creation of my inspirational brand CEOMOM is the ultimate message to all mothers to, Create the life you love, Empower yourself to live that life and to Overcome the challenges that come with living your authentic best.

I have done it and I believe you can do it too.

I'am Leonie Caines, Lifestyle Teacher and certified NLP practitioner coach for mothers, whatever support needs you have that will allow you to enjoy and take ownership of your motherhood journey, I can help you create the blueprint to do so.

Whatever your life looks like now, it can always improve if you want it too.