A little window into my life….

I’m a 80’s child so in short I’m known as a millennial, although I could arguably say I don’t feel like one as I’m often described as wise beyond my years.

I’m mother to handsome little man named Santino(can you guess what my favorite film is?? I know don’t judge me). Santino is my why, he has been the driving force that made me get off my ass and start to take control of my life.

When Santino came into my life almost 10 years ago I was in a loving relationship with his father, planning an amazing life together, but as you know life don’t always go to plan.

Somewhere along the course of this plan I forgot to be me, I forgot to keep checking in with me and I stopped honoring my worth, hell at some point I didn’t even believe in my worth, as all I wanted was to have that picture perfect vision of that family  I had in my mind.

And that was a dangerous plan that could only lead to disaster…

So you can guess what happened next… that’s right we went our separate ways and in true form to every stereotype of a single mom I hit rock bottom. I felt shame, bitterness, self-conscious, broken, angry towards him and angry towards myself for putting my son and me in this position. In truth I started to imagine the critical judgement of others, which by the way, did not outweigh the critical judgement I had for myself.

This went on for a good two years until one day I finally snapped, I could no longer stand the pity party that I alone danced in everyday, it was too much and so exhausting, making excuses as to why being a single mom meant I could not have a good life, after all it was f@*#ing lie.

I trapped myself in this lie because it was far more easier that admitting to myself that I could make shit happen on my own and still have a phenomenal life doing so.

Is it hard? Hell yes, but I don’t live a lie no more.

I can authentically say I’m a single mom and I’m happy, yes it didn’t come without struggle or continuous development and investment in myself, but the challenges is why I can say today I’m a single moms coach and the founder of CEOMOM.

Coaching moms is my true passion, my driving force and my dream. The ability to offer coaching to mothers across the globe has become the sense to all my challenges and a great channel for the gifts I was given.

In short I created the inspirational brand CEOMOM’s as the message to all moms to, Create the life they love, Empower themselves to life that life and to Overcome the challenges that come with living an authentic life.

For all the challenges we mom’s go through in life I just wanted something we could all relate to and believe in while we create the life of our dreams.

So if you’re a mom that has hit rock bottom or a mom who just wants something better for her life, then I’m definitely the coach for you.