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Womb to birth consultancy is an exclusive 1:1 service to support expectant women emotionally and psychologically into motherhood.

By providing expectant women the opportunity to take care of their mental health in pregnancy it facilitates them achieving lasting healthy relationships with themselves and their baby in motherhood .

This is a personalised service that helps women to take control over their emotional well being in pregnancy by gaining clarity of their needs and honouring them in a safe empowered way.

My aim is to support women from womb to birth and beyond so she is able to enter motherhood with the confidence to feel safe in her power to establish her own connection with herself and her baby. I work to teach women about the benefits of nurturing and trusting her sacred bond between herself and her baby, as a strong identifiable relationship during pregnancy has been proven to support the positive development of the child and the reduction of anxiety in the mother.

This service will also give mothers the tools to have the confidence to maintain her identity to ensure that she still feels valued in her core relationships.

Womb to birth consultancy has 20 exclusive spaces available a year supporting women every step of their journey from 20 weeks of pregnancy until their babies are one.

To book this service you should be 20 weeks or nearing 20 weeks. All booking are subject to confirmed availability.

To ensure womb to birth service is available to you exclusively, confirm your service booking now.

Please note this a non medical service and it is delivered by a certified NLP practitioner. This is a holistic alternative early intervention measure that has been proven to help mothers to feel more empowered in their motherhood experience.